Complete Your Ideal Attic

Complete Your Ideal Attic

Use our attic boarding system for your home in Nacogdoches, TX

Your attic isn't as useful when you don't have sturdy attic flooring to withstand extreme temperatures and the weight of your items. Armor Insulation Of East Texas, LLC will build a powerful, lightweight attic boarding system of raised beams that supports a safe deck above the full depth of your insulation in Nacogdoches, TX.

Discover the benefits

Whether you want to create safe access to equipment or simply want more storage space, our attic boarding system is right for you. Armor Insulation Of East Texas has conducted successful independent tests of extreme loads and temperatures to ensure it meets the highest standards. Overall, our installation:

  • Creates more space in your attic
  • Takes as little as one day
  • Brings heating bills down

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LoftZone StoreFloor

The Strongest, Lightest, Easiest, Raised Attic Boarding System Available.

LoftZone StoreFloor is an award-winning, fully patented attic boarding system designed especially for installing attic boarding over insulation

The Strongest Raised Attic Boarding System Available

LoftZone StoreFloor can hold up to an impressive 100 Pounds per square foot due to its Tri- and Uni-Supports being made from an extremely strong engineering grade recycled plastic. The frame creates a very strong and safe platform that is strong enough to walk upon and is often even stronger than attic joists! You can find out more information on the size and strength of StoreFloor, as well as links to lots of photos and videos on our FAQs page.

The Easy-to-Use StoreFloor.

The Easy-to-Use StoreFloor.

Kits from $169.00

✔️Strongest raised attic boarding system available.
✔️Lightweight and quick to install.
✔️Suitable for both traditional and new buildings.

Suitable For Both Traditional & New Buildings

Suitable For Both Traditional & New Buildings

LoftZone StoreFloor is suitable for almost all attics, new and old, including truss and cathedral ceiling types. It's frequently fitted in both houses and commercial buildings and has passed extensive strength and safety testing.

Lighter & Faster To Install Than Timber

Lighter & Faster To Install Than Timber

The old way to raise boards above insulation was to use timber. But timber is heavy, can't easily avoid obstructions, doesn't work if your joists are uneven and, importantly, allows heat to pass through your insulation. LoftZone is faster to install and has none of these problems.



LoftZone StoreFloor creates a lightweight, incredibly strong system of raised beams that supports a safe deck above the full depth of your insulation. It's ideal to create safe access to equipment in your attic, or simply to give you storage space, and has been successfully independently tested to extremes of loading and temperatures.

Other installers may use heavy timber frames, which can void your warranty and are too heavy for ceiling joists. We use LoftZone StoreFloor as it's lightweight and allows your insulation to work - keeping your heating bills down!

Why Raised Flooring?

There are two main reasons why attic boards must be raised above the insulation, and not placed directly on the joists.

  1. Compressing insulation drastically reduces its efficiency, because they work through the trapped air inside.
  2. Placing boards directly on joists restricts ventilation and can trap moisture in your attic.

Why LoftZone?

LoftZone is a multi award-winning loft flooring product. It is the only modern system currently available to raise boards above the full depth of insulation.

Using timber to build up the joists used to be commonly done, but is not recommended. It restricts cross-joist airflow, fails thermal bridging requirements and is far heavier than the LoftZone system. It also allows heat to travel through the insulation, which LoftZone doesn't as the supports are made of recycled engineering grade plastic, which conducts heat much less than wood does .


Make the most of your home's storage space and gain up to 50% more floor space in your home by investing in our award winning Attic Flooring by LoftZone StoreFloor.

We can transform your attic in just a day by converting it into a spacious, bright, and safe storage area with a lifetime guarantee.

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